About us

Organic Tribe is an eco-friendly project born from our love for Mother Earth and all living creatures. At Organic Tribe we promote awareness by offering ecospirituality experiences, travels and accomodations
A tribe of people all over the world is embracing a profound change towards self-awareness, to find a new harmonious alignment between body, mind and spirit. A “holistic wholeness” that can not be achieved by human beings without considering Planet Earth’s harmony and health first. There is a spiritual bond which connect human souls with Mother Earth’s Spirit. We offer experiences giving the opportunity to restore that contact. More we re-connect to the Earth more we get closer to our soul and spirit.
Our vision is focused on honoring and respecting the energy that every day we receive from Mother Earth and all her living creatures. After many years living in big Italian, Europeans and American cities where we deeply lived the merits and defects of globalization, we decided to change our life by founding this project. We followed our soul's calling to come back to the origins but with a wider vision than that of our beloved grandparents. The awakening path that we embraced allow us today to feel and perceive that we share the same divine energy with all the living creatures. Neither animals nor nature exist to serve humanity. We are all part of the same tribe of creatures living thanks to the energy that Planet Earth offers us. 
The holistic travels we offer in Apulia are designed to facilitate this process. Salento is a territory blessed by a strong earthly energy. Is the perfect place to relax, to reconnect with the breath of a wild nature, immerse in the sun, sea and wind. While we help people to reconnect with themselves we help Mother Earth’s frequency shifting process. Our ecospiritual retreats are an opportunity to open up to a deep transformation and purification facilitated by the melting of diverse factors: 
Our project is focused on creating experiences to share this vision, to reconnect more and more hearts to Gaia’ Spirit.



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