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Immerse into the a magnificent Southern Italy is located Salento (Apulia), a very mystical region blessed by a strong earthly energy where elements speaks constantly and where the ancient culture of the Mediterranean founded on the land cultivation are still alive.
ORGANICALLItaly is an opportunity to re-connect with all the elemental forces powerfully present on this small strip of Italian land facing the East. There is a spiritual bond which connect human souls with Mother Earth calling us to remember about natural cycles, rhythms, seasons, sun and moon … Everything becomes alive when we re-connect to the unified love energy field of the Nature through heart, hands and feet. We invite you to jump into this journey across the Italian culture of the Mediterranean ...


OrganicallItaly retreat program

De-stress your mind, rejuvenate your body, prepare yourself for a new fresh start ... organically!

This retreat is available all year. Please email us to ask when it is the next starting date.

This retreat merge yoga practice, crystal singing bowls meditations, Italian professional cooking classes and excursions! It is an experience for who is called to: an excited and high frequency journey; for foodies and Italian cuisine and culture lovers; for yoga practitioners; travelers of all ages and countries; for those looking for healing; for Mother Earth's lovers and tree huggers! Prepare to hug trees one thousand years old! Salento is an amazing place offering even more than this!
You will be amazed by the beauty of Salento's natural environments, arts and archeological sites. 

Organic vegetarian meals prepared by the expert hands of Andrea will accompany your week nutrition. Basically you will get two or three organic vegetarian meals each day prepared by the Chef Andrea or by all the group during the cooking classes. Vegetables, legumes, fresh fruit will come as much as possible from our own’s family production or from the local farmers. We will use only seasonal vegetables and fruit. You are going to have Italian espressos, an assortment of teas and dried fruit from local producers.
We will be able to satisfy also vegan and gluten-free nutrition requests.

The retreat will be lead by Irene and Andrea, a beautiful and harmonious Italian holistic yin yang balanced couple. Travelers, with an international background and a conscious life-style they are 100% Organic Italians! Irene is from Florence, Andrea is from Lecce. They are an example of a couple living their most authentic self. Irene will guide the holistic activities. Andrea will take care of the food and cooking workshops. After years lived abroad in the US they decided to come back to their country to create this project.

Yoga classes

Every day in different time of the day, the group will be guided into a vinyasa yoga practice. The style of the vinyasa sequence will be determined and molded to fit students need. Classes can range from gentle to a more vigorous flow and will be prepared for beginners and intermediate. Yoga classes will be outdoor and indoor.

Sound meditations

During this one week retreats participants will be able to attend also sound healing meditations to align their body, mind and spirit to harmonic vibrations. Human being can be compared to a musical instrument. To each organ and to each chakra of the human body, corresponds a frequency that must be “tuned" to live in harmony with ourselves and Mother Earth. Irene Devi Ma-Pai will guide the group into a series of meditations and sound healing sessions.

Veg/Italian Cooking classes

We promote a vegetarian and vegetarian-ovo-lacto nutrition based on the Mediterrean Diet. This experience is meant to be for those who are looking for a creative holiday immerse into Italian beauty and for Italian food lovers. The recipes will come from Italian tradition mainly from Tuscany and from Apulia’s gastronomy. To give some example you will learn how to prepare the typical Apulian “orecchiette”, the tuscan “panzanella” and “pappa al pomodoro” and many other delicious vegetarian dishes. International chef Andrea Chiriatti will guide the group in the kitchen.


Salento’s experiences can involves archaeological and sacred sites guided tour like those to Menhir and Dolmen; day trip to Alberobello, the village with the famous “trulli” and other characteristic Apulia’s villages; arts and historical guided tours to Lecce, Otranto and Galatina; nature hikes like the Zinzulusa’s marine cave excursion in Castro Marina or Castellana’s caves excursion in Brindisi; many different trekking and walking along the many countryside and coastal trekking path; gourmet experiences to many farms (called masserie) for wine and food tasting; live folk music concert and dance at the rhythm of the “tamburello” and pizzica. 



 Click here to DOWNLOAD the weekly retreat programm



 Click here to DOWNLOAD the weekly retreat programm


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